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Deputy Commander Morris is the main antagonist and final boss of Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business.


General Sevaratanis` second in command, Deputy Commander Morris has been put in charge of missile base built in Tracona near the town of Varrez, that was used by RME to intimidate Arulco`s goverment.


Deputy Commander Morris is found on the lowest level of the underground complex, located below missile base.

Character info

He is the strongest enemy you will encounter in your journey. Skilled, experienced, armed with Barret M82A2 and equipped with the best armor in entire game, Deputy Commander Morris is the last man standing between you and victory.


Morris` Launch Instructions

"The note contains origin and destination coordinates as well as precise instructions to launch missiles. It includes a number of towns in Arulco and the launch facility in Tracona."


  • "This is where your journey stops!"
  • "I`ve been waiting for this!"


Some playable mercs and RPCs will recite a unique bit of dialogue if Morris has been spotted by one of them. Some mercs will say another unque dialogue when Morris will be killed.

IMP Male 3

  • Spot: "La-dee-da.Got to love the last hurrah."
  • Killed: "Looks like the fat lady is done singing."

Lt. "Stogie" Horge

  • Spot: "This is gonna be more fun than i thought!"


  • Spot: "Many fear you, but not me."

Col. Frederick Biggins

  • Spot: "Rather hard to belive than you once signed my checks. Well, very well then, since that`s no longer the case..."

"It is like our work is unfinished."
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