Deidranna Reitman is a major non-playable character and the main antagonist in Jagged Alliance 2.


Although a ravishing beauty, she is also a cruel psycho, temperamental, manipulative, snob, racist, sexist, and aggressive. In 1988, she met Enrico Chivaldori, son of the leader of Arulco, and the two were soon married. This was no marriage born of love; instead Enrico married Deidranna to boost his popularity during the elections. In the end, Enrico won the elections, beating his rival Miguel Cordona by a long shot.

After he won, Deidranna murdered Enrico's father, framed Enrico for his father's death, and had Enrico executed. She then declared a authoritarian government, with herself as its Queen and head of state.


She is the main goal of the game. Most of the time she is seen during cutscenes slapping her personal advisor Elliot and yelling at him, while desperately attempting to maintain control of her regime. She is served by her lieutenants, her army, and a team of scientists and weapons developers, all of which serve to maintain her grip of power over Arulco.

As a character, she has great leadership and marksmanship, Auto-Weapon Expert skill and the Psycho trait.


P3: Meduna Palace

When the commander's mercs eventually arrive at sector P3: Meduna Palace, she can be in two different places. First: the throne room inside the palace (well guarded by elite soldiers), or in a secret shelter (See below). She is equipped with a Auto Rocket Rifle, Compound 18 Spectra Helmet, Compound 18 Spectra Vest, and Compound 18 Spectra Leggings.

P3-1: Meduna Palace Secret Shelter

Same as above. Can be entered via the fireplace in the piano room of the palace or through a secret backdoor in O3:Meduna leading to O3-1 then there. She is equipped with a Auto Rocket Rifle, Compound 18 Spectra Helmet, Compound 18 Spectra Vest, and Compound 18 Spectra Leggings.

N7: Military Base

Deidranna will make an appearance at the military base in Sector N7 if one or more mercenaries are captured, or surrender to her forces.  There, she will appear, personally, alongside Elliot and Joe to interrogate the captured mercs.

There is a glitch in the game that allows players to kill her here by planting a mine in the door she passes by before the interrogation scene. If nothing goes wrong, this will lead to the game's ending.


  • "Some day, the people will understand."
  • "Burn with your friends in hell!"
  • "Elliot! You idiot!"


Every playable merc will recite a unique bit of dialogue if they are the one to deliver Deidranna's deathblow. These have been compiled here.

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