The mercenary or RPC who delivers the final blow to Queen Deidranna in Jagged Alliance 2 will speak a unique piece of dialogue. For the end-game congratulatory dialogue, see Ending (Jagged Alliance 2).

IMP Male 3

  • "Hahahaha! Rest in pieces you evil thing!"

IMP Male 2

  • "Our main target has been dispatched!"

Steve "Grizzly" Bornell

  • "Ding dong, the bitch is dead!"

Trevor Colby

  • "Hoo-roo, she karked it! She fair dinkum karked it."

Dr. Michael "M.D." Dawson

  • "I guess there's a little bit of kevorkian in all of us."

Igor Dolvich

  • "Haha! The drinks are on me!"

Frank "Hitman" Hennessy

  • "Its people like her that give target practice new meaning, ace.  I mean, it was necessary, you know?  Ask me, I don't think there was another way to deal with her."

Thor Kaufman

  • "I like to think of her as permanently rehabilitated."

Stephen Rothman

  • "Lets hope there are no more like her, although I doubt it since I seemed to have dated or killed the rest."

Peter "Wolf" Sanderson

  • "Killing the head villain is always the most satisfying, even more so when it's a broad!"

Kyle "Shadow" Simmons

  • "She's more beautiful dead than she ever was alive."

Monica "Buns" Sondergaard

  • "Honestly, Deidranna. Underneath all that makeup...you're a mess!"

Sheila "Scope" Sterling

  • "I never believed a woman capable of such evil. She will no longer sully our reputation!"

Rober "Scully" Sullivan

  • "Usually I'm attracted to a woman like that.  Maybe I've finally gotten over it."

Barry Unger

  • "I dislike to take life but this one deserved to die."

Miguel Cordona

  • "In the name of the people of Arulco, I pronounce you DEAD! There will be no burial."

Ira Smythe

  • "I've dreamt of this moment for years! It feels WONDERFUL!"

Lt. Conrad Gillitt

  • "She is dead. I am happy. She never pay me on time!"

Kevin "Maddog" Cameron

  • "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Bleed, ya stupid bitch! You ruined everythin'! I hate you! I hate you! I say we all urinate on the body!"

Bill "Razor" Lamont

  • "How do ya think she'd look stuffed and mounted?"

Frankie "Haywire" Gordon

  • "If I'd been married to that bitch, I'd have killed her a long time ago!"

Louisa "Buzz" Garneau

  • "We did our job, but there were things about her I admired."

Carl "Reaper" Sheppards

  • "Wonderful, but if there is anyone who can return from the dead and drag us all to death it's Deidranna."

Charlene "Raven" Higgens

  • "The queen is dead! Long live the rest of us!"

Edgar "Nails" Smorth

  • "You are a carcass now, sweetheart!"

Keith "Blood" Hanson

  • "That must be how a hero feels like."
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