Dave is the owner of a gas station outside Balime. Like everyone else who touches the fuel industry in Arulco, he's found himself down on his luck ever since Deidranna came to power.

There is a Hummer out back behind the gas station which he is willing to sell to you for $10,000. After giving him the money, he takes a day to tune it up and fill up the gas tank before handing it over to you.

Dave can fill up the Hummer's gas tank for free every time you visit him. However, due to the scarcity of fuel in Arulco, he isn't always able to do so.


Sector L10, just outside and to the west of Balime.


  • "Well, hey there, friend!"
  • "Name's Dave... Dave Gerard Automotives."
  • "I used to have a nice little service station in downtown Balime. Moved up to this place on the outskirts when fuel rations kicked in. Couldn't affort the square footage in town. Place is rundown, but there just ain't too many people in need of a service station these days. Queen keeps all the fuel for her mining and military operations. Course, I'm hoping you're gonna change all that. Make Arulco a country for everybody again. Not just for the Queen and her rich friends in Balime."
  • "Got a slightly used vehicle for sale if you're interested. Low mileage. Only problem with it is it hasn't been used often enough, if you can call that a problem. I can let it go for... uh, $10,000. Now, just to close the deal, I'll give ya free gas for the lifetime of the vehicle. Only catch is I don't always have gas. Kinda hard to come by on a regular basis. But when I do, I'll fill'er up. Great... 'course uhm... I only take cash. Now, I gotta say that the finest engine ever built was the Chrysler 426 Hemi. Oh sure, you can say it's the 454 Chevy, but it don't hold a candle!"
  • "You know where to find me if you need me."
  • "Bet you're here to pick up your new purchase. Well... The keys are in her, and she's ready to go. Couldn't find the owner's manual though. Turned this place upside down looking for it."
  • "Personally, I like the 66 GTO. My dream car. you got a 389 with tri-powe carburetor. She is a beaut!"
  • "Now, I gotta say the best engine ever built was the Chrysler 426 Hemi. Oh sure, you can say it's the 454 Chevy, but it don't hold a candle!"
  • "Listen buddy, either you need a lube job or your nuts tightened, and if you don't relax I'll be choosin' which." (when threatened)
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