Patriarch of the Hicks , and father of Darrel Hick.

Daryl will propose to any female merc who speaks with him. Saying yes will drop the merc permanently from your squad in exchange for the Hicks' gun stash, located in the shed.

Doing so does not stop the Hicks from terrorizing the people of Cambria.


East of Cambria University, Sector F10



  • "We got us company! Say, you ain't related, are ya? I'd recognize my kin. Name's Daryl Hick, and don't ya be trying nothing."
  • "Yous are welcome to visit, just don't be nosin' around, starting any trouble, and for God sakes, stay off the cows. I been having problems with a few of the boys, ya see."
  • "Family is the most important thing to a man. I take care of them, and they take care of me. You remember that."
  • "Well, I got things to do. Imagine you do, too."
  • "No, I got to stay here with the family. They'd be lost without me."
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