Damon Warrick is Kingpin's bodyguard in San Mona, Arulco in Jagged Alliance 2.


Sector D5, guarding Kingpin's house.


He does not let you in even if your merc has a high leadership skill, and he cannot be bought nor plied with alcohol. Fighting in the ring, carefully blowing a wall or being awaited by Kingpin with his stolen money are the only possibilities to get to Kingpin without having to forcibly go through Damon first.

Just like other members of Kingpin's mafia in sector C5, he will also turn hostile towards you if you threaten him.



  • "Suck on this sleezeball!"
  • "Kingpin is expecting you, you'll find him in his gaming room on your right."
  • "Threaten me again, and i'll be the last person you ever threaten!"
  • "I'm Damon Warrick, Kingpin's personal bodyguard. Who the hell are you?"
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