A mercenary hireable from A.I.M. in every Jagged Alliance game since.

Jagged Alliance & Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

A.I.M. Dossier

"Dangerous, desirable and devious, Cynthia Guzzman is the latest female addition to our organization. A former nurse from Newark with a doctor's attitude, the Fox is known for her field treatment of casualties, excellent agility and amazing dexterity."


Jagged Alliance

1 .38 S&W Special
1 Medical Kit
1 Sun Goggles
1 Radio

Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

1 .38 S&W Special
1 Medical Kit
1 Sun Goggles
1 2-pocket Assault Vest
1 Radio

Jagged Alliance 2 & Wildfire

A.I.M. Dossier: Jagged Alliance 2

"Initially trained as an emergency room nurse, Fox Guzzman was recently featured in "Babes and Bullets," a prestigious monthly mercenary magazine. Her article on controlling haemorrhaging while on the battlefield was almost as highly praised as her centerfold layout."
Additional Info: Guzzman has recently spent a lot of time on the firing range and it has paid off handsomely."

A.I.M. Dossier: Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire

"Originally trained as a nurse, Fox Guzzmann was highlighted in an outstanding monthly magazine for mercenaries. The special article was entitled "Curves in Uniform". In the article, her medical skills on the combat field were almost as highly praised as her front and backsides."

Additional info

  • The pin-up girl of A.I.M., stunning and seductive.
    • Dialogue is often vaguely (or not so vaguely) sexual
    • Conscious of her appearance, and is not afraid to take advantage of her good looks
    • Voice is seductive in all games except Back In Action
    • It is implied that she and Peter "Wolf" Sanderson are more than just friends. Openly mentions past affairs with a few other male mercenaries (and implies even more).
  • Fond of Steve "Grizzly" Bornell
  • Completely creeped out by Steroid
  • Some of the more uptight characters can't stand her what they see as promiscuous attitude and behaviour


Skills Traits
JA2 1.13 1.13
Ambidextrous Fear of insects
Teaching Pessimist


2 Glock 17
- 9mm mag
1 Steel Helmet
1 Flak Jacket
- Med Kit



Liked by


Disliked by


Jagged Alliance

  • "Spend some more time in Metavira. Let me see how you handle it, then try me again." - Initial refusal to hire
  • "You terminated Kaboom. Metavira's quite a distance, I'm going to have ask for double my usual rate." - Refusing to join after firing Kaboom

Deadly Games

  • "I'm all you'll ever need. And more!" - On call
  • "If you see Wolfy, tell him I miss him!" - On call
  • "I was kind of hoping you'd ask! It will be a pleasure working for you." - On hire
  • "Did you not hear me?" - Asked to repeat
  • "Don't count on me coming back!" - Fired before she participated in enough missions
  • "You think you're such hot stuff that you can get rid of me, and I'll just join up again the moment you ask? Get out of here!" - Hiring attempt after firing unfairly
  • "I can't stay on your team. There isn't a team to stay on! It changes all the time." - Quitting because turnover is too high
  • "I won't join your team, 'cause you don't have a team! Just a bunch of people coming and going..." - Hiring attempt while turnover is too high
  • "Of course! Wolf's a hunk! I'd go just about anywhere to be with him. Just hearing his voice makes my knees quiver!" - Hired only because Wolf is hired
  • "I stand by man man! You fired Wolfy, I'm going too!" - Quitting because you unfairly fired Wolf
  • "You upset Wolfy! He's no used to getting fired. I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that I refused to take an assignment with you." - Hiring attempt after unfairly firing Wolf
  • "Why does it have to be Wolfy? I was hoping to marry him someday!" - Ordered to shoot Wolf
  • "I'm offended, and hurt!" - Failed Bribe
  • "You just don't want me bad enough!" - Failed bribe
  • "And there isn't a salary increase in the world that is going to change that!" - Hiring attempt after failed bribe
  • "I'm happy!" - Successful bribe
  • "That's gonna cost you dinner and a movie!" - When a male uses the hand icon on her
  • "Sorry! But I get all the men I need." - When a female uses the hand icon on her
  • "It's a shame... really! But necessary, I guess" - Ordered to shoot friendly merc
  • "It'll be real tough for me to hit that!" - Requested impossible shot
  • "Oh no, not Wolfy! I loved that man!" - When Wolf is killed in action
  • "There's an item here." - Spotted item
  • "I've managed to sneak up on an opponent" - Spotted unaware enemy
  • "I spotted an enemy!" - Enemy spotted
  • "Darn!" - When shot at/Spotting an enemy
  • "You should have picked another line of work!" - Remark on enemy killed
  • "Whew... That was close!" - Near miss
  • "That crew is out of the picture." - All enemies killed
  • "I could be at home doing my nails..." - After a few turns without action
  • "The first part of the objective is done! We just have to bring this back with us." - Holding mission objective
  • "We've completed the objective!" - Mission complete
  • "What a team!" - Withdrawing from a mission
  • "Pops McGillicutty is a pervert! A sex fiend... Get him outta my face or I'm quitting!" - After a day with Pops

Jagged Alliance 2

  • "The Fox is listening.", "Don't let my looks deceive you. While I take care of myself, I am also quite capable of taking care of others too." - on call
  • "Okay, I imagine you'll want to get maximum value and go long term?", "I'll get my things together and I will be there as soon as possible." - hiring
  • "Hello. This is Cynthia Guzzman. I am kinda tied up at the moment. If you'd like me to get back to you, leave a message. If you'd rather I ignored your call, breath heavy. Just once." - answering machine
  • "She won't get very far, Miguel, now that I'm here. Trust me, when it comes to the female mind, I'm a master. Maybe later, you and I could talk more about it." - response to Miguel in Omerta
  • "Wolfy, you're the best!" - on Wolf
  • "Oh Grizzly, you were my teddy bear." - on Grizzly's death
  • "I'm in need of ammo." when out of ammo
  • "Wait a sec. I don`t trust it anymore than I do a man`s zipper." - Trap discovered.
  • "It's women like her who give all of us a bad name. I, for one, am glad to see her dead, and I bet I'm not the only one." after killing Doreen Harrows
  • "Sorry, there's been a lot of talk about you... none of it good." - refuse to join
  • "Sorry, I have a major concern. It's called dying. And too many people who work for you are doing it." - refuse to join
  • "I've worked with Grizzly for a little while now. I wouldn't say I know Teddy Bear inside out, but I'll put aside my hesitations for the chance to work with him." - renewal contract
  • "Too much. Now this was worth bending over for." - picks up valuable item
  • "I see one, I think fireplace." - spots bloodcat
  • "This looks more suspicious than lipstick on a man's collar." - detects mine


  • A dexterity of 100 means that Fox is better with a knife in her hands than either Scully or Malice, despite knifing being their supposed realm of expertise. The introduction of Skills (and, specifically, the Knifing skill) in Jagged Alliance 2 corrects this so that Scully and Malice are correctly at the top of the knifing game, though Fox remains quite deadly with a knife regardless.
  • Fox has a good wisdom score, and you can easily train up her marksmanship, or other skills.
  • All in all, she's a delight to have around, with her actual combat prowess and medic skill for a modest salary as an added bonus (wait, what?.. no, no, it's the other way round!).
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