The Crepitus are an unusual, terrifying, and unexpected enemy, even for the motley of hardened, insane and battle-tested mercenaries you bring into Arulco. Each mercenary and RPC in the game has a set of unique dialogue heard only when interacting with the Crepitus.

First Contact

The first reaction a mercenary has to seeing a Crepitus is usually the strongest.

  • IMP male voice 1 -
  • IMP male voice 2 - "That's one badass piece of sushi!"
  • IMP male voice 3 - "Jesus K. Riest, that's the biggest, grossest Goddamn slinky I ever did see."
  • IMP female voice 1 -
  • IMP female voice 2 -
  • IMP female voice 3 -
  • Kevin "Maddog" Cameron - "Nothing, I've fried bigger bugs in the junkyard. Let's cook it!"
  • Gus Tarballs - "Holy horsecrap, Woodrow. You've never mentioned anything about gigantic bugs."
  • Miguel Cordona - "It be an enemy I am not familiar with. I must find its weakness."
  • Carlos Dasouza - "It be bug, yes. Insect from bad movie."
  • Dimitri Guzzo - "I hear of this creature called squid. It looks like what I remember."
  • Ira Smythe - "Deidranna's got to be behind those things. Mother Nature isn't that diabolical."
  • Lt. Conrad Gillitt - "What the hell is that? Is some kind of joke? Wait. Remain calm. I will be in charge here."
  • Greg "Dynamo" Duncan - "Holy Toledo, I heard of 'em, but I ain't never seen one... 'til now."
  • Breeham "Shank" Druz - "That's one heck of a scary looking thing."
  • Hamous - "Ohh... that a big bug! We no have dem in Metavira!"
  • Biff Apscott - "Oh my God! Let's hope they are friendly."
  • Doug "Gasket" Milton - "Whooee, that ugly sumbitch looks like when I had this thing where they took out most of my colon 'cuz I O.D.'d on some pumpkin seeds, and like, that's why my colon looked like, I think."
  • Helmut "Grunty" Grunther - "Oh, isn't he cuddly? I wonder if they can be domesticated, probably not."
  • Rudy "Lynx" Roberts - "What the hell? I'm sure it's a huge termite. How many chances you have to bag one of these."
  • Tim "Gumpy" Hillman - "God that's awesome.  Spielberg himself couldn't have come up with something like that.  Wonder what he'd pay for some of its DNA."
  • Bill "Razor" Lamont - "Yeeeha.  Y'ever pull a cat inside-out by its tail?  Well, right there is what she looks like when yer done.  Only the cat's smaller, y'know?"
  • Dr. Donna "Spider" Houston - "Oh Christ its a bug.  I mean, its arthropoda, so it could be a crustacean, but I have this thing about bugs...I can't look at it.  I'm sorry, I can't even look at that thing."
  • Ron "Raider" Higgens - "Good lord!  Talk about your jumbo shrimp!"
  • Charlene "Raven" Higgens - "Are those real?  God, they are!  They're like something out of a B-horror movie."
  • Frank "Hitman" Hennessy - "Now, what kind of a critter is that?  Its the size of a freakin' Buick!"
  • Ice Williams - "Check out the goon with the jaws!  Man, I hope that thing stays outta my face."
  • Cynthia "Fox" Guzzman - "Look at the size of it! Oh my... I hate insects, even the ones you can squash with your foot."
  • John "Bull" Peters - "That's one well fed maggot!"
  • Kyle "Shadow" Simmons - "What I need is a 50-foot can of something real bad for the environment."
  • Steve "Grizzly" Bornell - "Jesus! Who the hell invited my mother-in-law?"
  • Peter "Wolf" Sanderson - "Look at the size of those things! I sure hope the next step up the food chain doesn't hang out here too!"
  • Florence Gabriel - "Mon Dieu! What in the world is that? I cannot believe it! I do not want to believe it!"
  • Rudolf Steiger - "Last week at the Jap's place, I thought I saw my Sushi movin' on the plate. And that strange feelin' is back again... Hey, are you seeing the same thing as me?... This... mutant... fish thing?"
  • Norma "Meltdown" Jessop - "Izzat what all the fuss is about? An overgrown mudpuppy? I’ll split’em from head to toe and feed their guts to my rotweilers."
  • Jean Pierre "Malice" Viau - "I know a dancer who 'ad something dat look like dat. Well mind you dey were smaller. Bien, dey were a lot smaller den dat... You could break dem in your finger."




Terrified of Insects

Certain mercenaries who are morbidly terrified of insects will continue to react to the presence of the Crepitus. These mercenaries also risk taking severe hits to their morale the longer they spend in the monsters' presence.

Exploring the Lair

The sights, sounds, smells and even the very presence of the Crepitus lair will illicit reactions from your mercs as they explore the underground caverns beneath the mines.

  • IMP female voice 3 - "Christ-mas. That's foul."
  • Steve "Grizzly" Bornell - "Peeyew... I can't blame that on the dog... gotta be one of those huge pissants." "Come out, come out, you big pissants, wherever you are."
  • Tim "Gumpy" Hillman - "I've watched enough movies to recognize the telltale signs of a mutant creature attack when I see one."
  • Ice Williams - "This place looks like a roach motel.  They got to be around here somewhere."
  • Ron "Raider" Higgens - "Something tells me there's shrimp on the menu." "Those shrimp have been here..."
  • Helmut "Grunty" Grunther - "I think those adorable little creatures were doing their business here.  The aroma is very rich." "Ah, the delightful little monsters were frolicking here." "We should take pains to avoid the cuddly creatures until we have the proper equipment: a leash and muzzle. And maybe something for them to chew on."
  • Greg "Dynamo" Duncan - "Those hellbugs better be sleeping."
  • Charlene "Raven" Higgens - "Every time I turn around, I expect one of those pukazoids to be waiting." "Looks like those pukazoids had a party." "Ugh, maybe I should call those things Dungazoids."
  • Dr. Donna "Spider" Houston - "I smell insect spore.  It's so heavy, it has to be coming from those hyperthyridic arthropod things.  It's making me dizzy."
  • Stogie Horge - "Jackpot! The spawning grounds. Gonna nip this right in the butt right now!"
  • Kevin "Maddog" Cameron - "Now that’s my kind of smell!" "Little buggies! Come out, come out wherever you are!" "Dis reminds me of my room at home. My dad was always on me."
  • Jean Pierre "Malice" Viau - "Sacrament! What is dat smell in the air?" "Be nice to see a bibitte, en? I love killing those things." "Dey crawl at night these guys I think. Dey’re very hungry."
  • Sheila "Scope" Sterling - "Oh, my. That would chase a dog."
  • Norma "Meltdown" Jessop - "Looks like the mudpuppies had a picnic." "Smells like we’re crawling up a mudpuppy’s ass."

Killing the Queen

Mine Cleared

The headminers of the infested mine will personally thank you once the mine is cleared - given they survived the ordeal.

  • Fred Morris - "Looks like everything's okay.  I got the men to come back to work, too.  Have to say, though, if I so much as suspect one of those creature things again, I'm stopping everything."
  • Calvin Barkmore - " "
  • Carl Tercel - "Well, it looks like your version of Raid worked, man. Can't find the bugs anywhere. The men seem glad about it, too. We're all back in business. Between you and me, though, they come back, we're outta here."
  • Oswald Johnston - " "
  • Matt Duncan - "Well, thank God that's over.  Mine's clear.  There don't seem to be any signs of them, and most of the crew has even come back to work.  Tell you what though, I hear any o' them noises again, I'm coming straight up."
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