Col. Leon Roachburn is a hirable mercenary from A.I.M. in Deadly Games.

Nonplayable and deceased in Jagged Alliance 2.


Deadly Games

"The "loose-lipped" legend is once again amongst the rank and file of A.I.M. Back from a brief retirement, the Colonel returns determined to amend for the disgrace, he claims, his children have bestowed upon the family name as mercenaries." - A.I.M. Dossier


Deadly Games

Basic Equipment

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Is Disliked by

  • None

Hiring Info

Deadly Games

  • Will never steal from you.
  • Will be upset if he's fired before he participated in at least one mission.

Will quit or refuse to join:

Additional Info

  • Has the Snitch trait and will keep you informed on any dissatisfaction in your team.


Deadly Games

  • "Just don't compare me to my kids... Heck, I don't even know if they are my kids. Their mother was a tramp. She was raised in a trailer. A tent trailer!" - On call
  • "If you're looking to hire a Roachburn, I'm the only Roachburn for the job." - On call
  • "I ain't going! I can't stand my kids! They're always looking for money or causing me grief. They're just like their spoiled little mother!" - Hiring him when one of his kids is on your team
  • "I can't think of a better way to put some distance between me and the family. I'm in!" - Hiring
  • "I could kill this reptile without being seen." - Sneaking up on an enemy
  • "Got a reptile!." - Enemy spotted
  • "Encountered some renegades!" - Spotting more than one
  • "Can't believe my luck..." - When shot at
  • "Chew on that, lightweight!" - Killing an enemy
  • "Platoon annihilated!" - Clearing a map from enemy presence
  • "Ah... Just like the old days... Moments worth savoring!" - After completing the mission objective
  • "Not too shabby for a rusty, old man!" - Mission accomplished
  • "It was good to get back into the swing of things. I'd probably be up to doing it again if you needed me." - Fired after a couple of missions
  • "I can't stand being around my kids. They all drive me nuts! Do something about it, or I will. - After a day on the field with any of his kids
  • "I should have done this years ago!" - When ordered to shoot one of his kids
  • "They don't make these things like they used to." - When a gun breaks in his hands
  • "It may look peaceful, but it won't last!" - After a few turns without action
  • "The last time you did that I woke up with a severe rash!" - When a female merc uses the hand icon on him
  • "When do you get to rest in this man's army?" - When exhausted
  • "Ain't gonna make it! Blood everywhere... Make sure my kids don't get a damn thing!" - In agony
  • "The indecisiveness of the incompetent! It looks like it's my turn to pay." - When fired unfairly
  • "What do you think you are? Family? You piss me off, I don't go back!" - Hiring attempt after firing him unfairly
  • "Blooming dogfish... You're worse than Larry! I said..." - When asked to repeat
  • "Old Micky's gonna be dropping big cash at the bar tonight and bragging to his shady friends about the price he charged you!" - Getting a bad deal from Micky
  • "Old Sammy's been knocked off, huh. Well... We better win this thing in his honor!" - When Sam dies
  • "I'm grabbing a ride with Sam. I can't watch an old buddy be disgraced like that. A man has gotta have his pride, you know." - When you fire Sam unfairly
  • "Don't think so... Sam tells me anyone who signs on with you should pack light. Real light!" - Hiring attempt after firing Sam unfairly
  • "Sam and I go back at least thirty years." - Bribing attempts
  • "Don't hold back... Sam and I are tight." - More bribing attempts
  • "Did I mention that Sam never visited me once while I was retired?" - Bribing successful
  • "I ain't going! You can bank on that! You slipped Sammy the knife, then when I tried to discuss it, you just blew a lot of smoke!" - Hiring attempt after unsuccessful bribery
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