"Got some Ruins here in Chitzena. Box of rocks used to be a tourist attraction. Brought in all kinds of dough for Arulco over a decade ago. I was never much for history. Majored in humanities." — Ira Smythe, sector A2

"Yeah, there's a bunch of huts here for the miners. Man, i tell you, if I were them, I'd say something! They just schlep to the mines every day for the Queen. Even if she does have one of her Goons here, I'd say something!" — Ira Smythe, sector B2


A small town of little grass huts and little else. The mine here is the smallest in Arulco, netting only $4000 a day at full capacity. The town is more important for its role as a cultural landmark, important to the history and people of Arulco, and the ancient ruins there.

Conquering Chitzena

A2, Chitzena Ruins

A number of enemies lurk in the ruins here, which are ringed by a long stone wall. This acts exactly like the stone walls around the former University of Cambria (F9), and will provide excellent cover for anyone who's directly behind it, making rooting out the enemies here tougher than usual. There is a break in the wall in the form of an entrance to the ruins on the west side, so flanking and keeping your head down at the same time is possible.

A3, Chitzena Mine

Chitzena is small and contains sparse infrastructure, so strategy is very similar to fighting on farm or countryside building sectors. The thickets of jungle foliage provide cover everywhere, making establishing fire positions on the move an easy proposition.

Notable Characters

Sector A2

Sector B2



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