A mercenary hirable from A.I.M. , first appearing in Jagged Alliance 2.

Official description

"Former L.A.P.D. SWAT team sharpshooter, Sgt. Charlene Higgens left the force for A.I.M. so she could work alongside her husband, Ron Higgens. They prefer to take assignments together since operate with the precision of a solitary unit. If you listen to them though, you'd never realize they're married; they rarely acknowledge their personal lives during work. Raven is qualified in night operations." - A.I.M. dossier

Additional info

  • A female version of her husband. They belong together. Also good friends with Donna who is their unofficial go to doctor for treating injuries.
  • Less obsessive about being in charge.
  • A consummate professional that gets on well with everyone.
  • Lighter, more prone to humor
  • More open and outgoing.



Raven has great marksmanship and is all around a great merc. She also gets on well with everyone. The only problem is the horrible starting equipment. Despite most mercs with good marksmanship packing a decent weapon Charlene only has a Glock 18, and its short-range and low damage really waste her skills. Make sure to get her a rifle as soon as possible.


  • "I'm really moving up! Figured my pay should reflect that."
  • "That sure gets the adrenaline surging." - near miss
  • "Problem solved." - enemy killed
  • "I'd go easy on the details of the death when telling their mother." - rotted corpse/gory kill
  • "Call in the explosives. It's rigged." - trap detected
  • "We haven't taken care of them all.  Something to keep in mind." - enemies in hiding
  • "Ron, darling, we always knew this day would come. I'm glad it was you first, because... because I didn't want to leave you alone, the way I am now. Peace be with you, my love." - Raider dead.
  • "They don't get any better than Raider." - praise quote
  • "I don't think so. I've read about you and your exploits." - refuse to join
  • "Can't sign with you. I've grown fond of breathing." - refuse to join



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