""Is hopeful, yes? I see hope in the eyes of the people. A hope I have not seen in a long time. But I will deny myself this feeling until victory is within our hands."" — Carlos Dasouza

One of the last rebels of Arulco. Close friend and advisor to Miguel Cordona.

Character Info


Omerta underground (A10).



Additional Info

  • Available for recruitment, along with Miguel, after 5 of the 9 cities are captured (Omerta & San Mona don't count).
  • A stern and pragmatic man, Carlos is a foil to Miguel's charisma, idealism and well-intentioned grandiloquence. Mistrustful by nature, he has been rendered both cold and paranoid by the auspices of a long and oppressive guerrilla war.
  • Although his stats are by no means awful, his late appearance can make him somewhat redundant.



Liked by


Disliked by

  • None



  • "Do not move, and no one will die!" - first lines of dialogue
  • "Is hopeful, yes?"

As A Recruit

  • "It does not bother me. Years of war have left me without heart." - gory kill/rotted corpse
  • "Miguel was like a brother to me. We have been through much together. Everything is okay. Carlos is in charge now." - eulogy for Miguel Cordona
  • "An act of aggression against one of us, is an act of aggression against all of us! Your fate is decided!" - response to a non-rebel merc intentionally attacking another rebel merc


  • Like all of the rebels recruited from Omerta, Carlos will turn on you if you attack him or any of his fellow rebels in the same sector. This will drop him from your squad, and he will not stop until either your squad or he is dead.

"It is like our work is unfinished."
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