Carl 'Reaper' Sheppards is a playable mercenary in Jagged Alliance 2. He is hired from A.I.M. Reaper has very high agility, dexterity and marksmanship. He has a bonus to hit when shooting from the roof.

Official description

"Otherwise known as The Assassin, if you come face-to-face with Carl Sheppards, chances are you're on your last breath. The Reaper takes pride in his patience. He strides silently and uses his stealth skills to gain easy access to his victims. Carl also gets a kick out of looking them in the eye just before they die. One of his former CO's described him as "potentially too dangerous even for A.I.M. service." - Jagged Alliance 2

Additional info

  • A loner, though not anti-social.
  • Sees death and killing as something spiritual.
  • Carries himself as if living on another plane of existence, and can be very eloquent and poetic about how he perceives things.
  • He's almost spooky, has an unsettling calmness.






  • "My voyage has come to an end...for this trip, anyway." - arrival
  • "Dumb slobs like Numb who fail to understand the spirituality of death shouldn't be allowed the privilege of killing" - hate speech on Numb
  • "What a tragic waste. You could siphon that spirit through a straw." - when enemy head explodes in a headshot.
  • "We have failed to silence all the intruders. We must not become careless." - enemy in sector
  • "One with death, they are all gone." - enemies dead.
  • "They might kill me, but they won't scare me." - a near miss
  • "Improvement - it is a goal of life search." - stats improved
  • "Never the thrill I was looking for" - near miss.
  • "No, I wouldn't have come to terms in the first place if I'd know how it was going to work out. I've destroyed my paperwork. Please destroy yours as per our initial agreement." - refuse to renewal contract
  • "I don't mind taking risks. But I do mind a leader who fails to place value on the lives of his men. I sense a death I can't accept... mine." - refuse to renewal contract/refuse hire
  • "I can't allow myself to question the skills of my C.O.... and right now, I have more questions than you have time. I'm not your man." - refuse to join



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  • His starting weapon, the Colt Commando Assault Rifle, seems like an odd starting weapon for a Merc with an obvious sniping role.
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