Captain Bob Adams is a hirable mercenary from A.I.M. in Jagged Alliance and Deadly Games.

Nonplayable and deceased in Jagged Alliance 2 .


Jagged Alliance and Deadly Games

"Captain Bob Adams retired from the Air Force at forty-one. He was a decorated F-18 pilot with extensive combat experience. Bored, and eager for action, he joined A.I.M. a year ago, and has made the transformation to field combat rather easily." - A.I.M. Dossier

Jagged Alliance 2

"Despite making ground as a combat soldier, decorated Air Force Pilot Bob Adams never quite shook his passion for flying. Therefore, it came as no surprise when Captain Adams retired from the organization, a year ago, to take a position with a major American airline. Tragically, while flying on a regional, short-hopper route, wind shear caused him to lose control of his aircraft. He crashed and died just outside of Phoenix this past July." - Alumni Gallery


Jagged Alliance

Deadly Games

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Hiring Info

Jagged Alliance

  • Unavailable for work until Day 5.
  • Cannot be bribed.
  • Will steal from you should he carry more than six times his salary in money.
Will quit or refuse to join if:
  • Your Death ratio reaches 90.
  • If you receive less than a Fair rating for two days in a row.

Deadly Games

  • Will steal from you should he carry more than ten times his salary in money.
  • Will be upset if he's fired before he participated in at least six missions.
Will quit or refuse to join if:
  • Your Death ratio reaches 90.

Additional Info

  • Old, but not forgetful. Incredibly high wisdom.


Jagged Alliance

  • "Not right now! Give me a few days to run a background check on you, then call me back." - Initial refusal to hire
  • "Let's get to it!" - Hiring
  • "Bogie in sight! My location unknown to him!" - Sneaking up on an enemy
  • "I'm meeting resistance!" - Enemy spotted
  • "Need to be resupplied with ammunition." - Out of ammp
  • "Pleased to report a change in sector status. This one is ours now!" - Sector captured

Deadly Games

  • "I know I can fulfill your needs, Commander. How many other Captains did you notice in the lineup?" - On call
  • "Yep... I've been up to seven Gees. Which sounds impressive until you've seen Lt. Commander Iggy Turner suck on a Marlboro at six." - On call
  • "Bogie sighted!" - Enemy spotted
  • "Bogie in range! My location unknown to him!" - Spotted unaware enemy
  • "Multiple bogies present!" Spotting more than one
  • "Something here!" - Spotted an item
  • "I wish it was possible." - Requested impossible shot
  • "A godsend..." - Near miss
  • "Sign 'em out." - remark on enemy killed
  • "Watch for anything jutting out of the ground!" - Finding a mine
  • "We downed that entire squad!" - All enemies killed
  • "We're at a turning point, soldier... It's time to bring it on home." - Finding a quest item
  • "Objective accomplished!" - Mission Completed
  • "An overwhelming success!" - Withdrawing from a mission
  • "You can be court-martialed for that, soldier!" - When a male merc uses the hand icon on him
  • "Not while in uniform, soldier!" - When a female merc uses the hand icon on him
  • "I repeat..." - Asked to repeat
  • "Maybe we should just pack up and go home!" - After a few turn without action
  • "It goes against my grain, but..." - Ordered to shoot friendly merc
  • "I've always gotten along really well with Bud... I take no pleasure in harming him." - Ordered to shoot Bud
  • "With Bud's passing, the military community has suffered an undeniable loss." - If Bud gets killed
  • "I don't work with Sam Garver... And I never will! Fire him, or I quit!" - After spending a day with Sam
  • "Not as long as you've got that old fart, Sam Garver, working for you. I can't stand him!" - Hiring attempt while Sam is hired
  • "I'd drop the gaffer in a minute. Sam Garver's been a thorn in my side for years." - Ordered to shoot Sam
  • "I have to leave! I've been subpoenaed to testify before your war crimes tribunal. I still find it hard to believe that so many of your men have died!" - Leaving due to high death ratio
  • "Forget it! Your butt's on the line! We're talking war crimes! We're talking far too many men leaving their hopes and dreams on your battlefield, BUDDY!" - Refusal due to high death ratio
  • "You will mention in my file that I was let go for purely economic reasons!" - Fired before allowed to participate enough missions
  • "What are you? In shell shock? I've been there and worked for you! Neither of which I'm proud of!" - Hiring attempt after fired unfairly
  • "Bud Hellar was willing to put it all on the line for you, and you chopped him below the knees. I cannot continue to work for you!" - When you fire Bud unfairly
  • "Your offer doesn't appeal to me! Any commander who would fire a fine Lieutenant like Bud Hellar must have a screw loose." - Hiring attempt after firing Bud unfairly
  • "It might be best to remember you're not the only job on the block" - Responding to bribe attempt
  • "This is going nowhere fast!" - Bribe failed
  • "And, in case you've forgotten, I've already bargained my way, around the block with you, Commander. And we won't be doing it again!" - Hiring attempt after failed bribe
  • "It seems I might have been too quick to judge you..." - Successful bribe
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