An item found in the Jagged Alliance series, thus far featured in every game.

Used to quickly increase a merc's energy. About five drinks can be taken from a canteen before it is empty.  Each drink recovers a percentage of a merc's breath bar - a collapsed, breathless merc can be restored to walking condition with two drinks, and a breathless merc can be restored to full breath by expending two full canteens.  

In all games, using a canteen consists of clicking on the canteen and clicking over the merc's face in their item portrait. 


"Constructed of odor-free polyethylene, this one-quart capacity, water-filled canteen is a must for day-long excursions, especially in hot climate situations, to ward off fatigue and heat stroke." - Jagged Alliance

"This polyethylene canteen is not reusable, not refillable or recyclable but extremely practical. Five shots of water and throw it." - Jagged Alliance 2


  • Random sectors/enemies
  • Can be bought randomly from traders.
  • Bobby Ray's


  • In Jagged Alliance, near-empty canteens can be refilled by mercs on repair duty if placed in their hands or pockets.
  • In Deadly Games at least, canteens are automatically refilled at the start of each day.
  • In Jagged Alliance 2, empty canteens are automatically discarded.
  • Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13: if food system is disabled, then partially-used canteens can be combined via right click to create full ones; otherwise they can be refilled in sector with clear water via Ctrl+. (dot) menu.

Gameplay Notes

  • Always carry extra canteens, especially in the late game when everyone is wearing armor - the armor may keep bullets from harming your mercs, but they will end up doing impact damage to the breath bar instead.  While this keeps them alive, it means that taking a lot of shots will still knock our your merc if he/she has no way of recovering their breath.  When enemies in game start using tear gas, canteens become an absolute necessity, as even the half-round of gas exposure between the grenade going off and merc putting on their mask can seriously damage their breath bar.
  • Canteens are especially important for high-strength mercs who are expected to do a lot of crate opening and door-kicking, as a full breath bar ensures the highest rate of success.
  • Strangely enough, having a merc drink from a canteen while they're swimming can keep them from drowning, as drowning only happens when the breath bar drops to zero while your merc is treading water.
  • In Jagged Alliance, Jack Richards will warn you of certain days that are going to be especially hot and sweltering.  Canteens will be especially important on these days, as the breath meter will drain much faster on these days when attempting to perform any task.

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