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Secondary equipment that appears in the Jagged Alliance series.


"A full palette of long-lasting, non-running, non-cracking, facial paint and applicators. Set includes: woodland, jungle and grassland motifs along with appropriate decal accessories and cold cream." - Jagged Alliance

"The Military Camo Compact includes: olive drab, olive green, tan and white cream-based facial paint, a mirror, and a manual on the proper use and care of your camo compact." - Jagged Alliance 2


In both games, the kit is applied by picking up the kit on the cursor, then clicking it on the merc's silhouette (JA1) or sculpture (JA2). When applied, the kit camouflages the mercenaries, making them more difficult to see.  When applied, a percentage will appear over  or near the mercenary's silhouette/sculpture - this is how much your merc's visibility to the enemy is being affected by the camoflage.  This percentage decreases over time, and decreases faster if the merc spends time swimming.  

Applying 100% camoflage to a merc consumes around 50% of the kit.


  • Random sectors/enemies
  • Can be bought randomly from traders.
  • Bobby Ray's


  • Called a "Camo-U-Flage" Kit in Jagged Alliance.
  • v1.13 introduces different variations of the camoflage kit, including woodland (the standard), desert and urban camos.

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