A Headminer in Arulco. He will be manager of the second mine you capture.

The most abrasive of the headminers, his off-putting personality won't go unnoticed by your mercenaries, who will happily comment on it once they finish their first conversation with him.

Luckily, Calvin's unsociableness doesn't keep him from operating like every other headminer in Arulco.




  • "Do your job, then maybe, if it's safe, we can actually converse like adults."
  • "Whoa! You one of those inspector guys? Let me tell you right off the bat that I run the most technologically advanced mine in all of Arulco. Built from the ground up with stolen American technology. But it's all mine."
  • "Oh no.  You're one of those mercenaries.  I was in the army once, full of dope-puffing socialists.  You probably heard of me, Calvin Barkmore, broke every record they keep track of."
  • "I suppose, since you're in charge, you'll want all the money.  Leave me the crumbs you call salary.  Well...I guess I got no choice!  But one day I'm going to get my own mine, then you watch."
  • "Here's the thing. Other miners? They think they're better than me. Point is, I'm an innovative genius. Eventually, the Queen will recognize that, and I;ll become Head of Head Miners."
  • "You obviously don't know who you're talking to! Calvin Barkmore! I will devote all my waking hours toward making your life a living hell if you continue to talk to me this way."
  • "Well, I'm a busy man. Everyone wants a moment of my time, so I'll be going."
  • "No, the last time I was recruited, it kinda pushed me over the edge."


"It is like our work is unfinished."
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