Appearances: Jagged Alliance, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games. Nonplayable and an alum in Jagged Alliance 2.


"Back on probation, Bruce Bonner has skirted the edge of reality and toyed with demonic fantasy since childhood. There exists a serious difference in opinion as to whether he should remain within the organization. However, qualified explosives experts remain hard to find." - Jagged Alliance

"Bruce is gone - way gone!. The addition of qualified explosives experts to our roster made a long-overdue decision much easier to make. After a record setting eight probationary periods, Skitz was finally expelled from the organization. Despite intensive therapy and twenty-one electroshock treatments, Skitz remains confined in Saint Michaels Hospital for the criminally insane." - Jagged Alliance 2 Alumni gallery


Skitz is one of a few mercs who will leave if he doesn’t kill enough enemies. A certain percentage of your squad’s total slain enemies must have been killed by Skitz or he will leave. This makes him hard to keep for any length of time. His marksmanship and his stats in general are so low that he has a hard time even getting to enemies, let alone killing them. Try to let Skitz finish off nearly dead enemies to sate his urge to kill.

Skitz is annoyed by Sparky and will kill her if on a squad with her for too long. He will warn you first the night before he kills her.


Skitz has good explosives skill and costs almost nothing to hire. This makes him a bargain basement bomb dude, who is a bit smarter than Kaboom and doesn’t forget orders.

He is however slow, not too smart, a horrible shot and has very low health so he is easily killed. He is also insane and hated by quite a few mercs. Unless you just want to use him for the fun of it its better to use Kaboom.



Is Liked by

  • Raffi


Is Disliked by

Additional info

  • Speaks in a low, growling and deeply disturbed voice.


  • "I'd never miss the chance to get in on a good shootin'!" - On hire
  • "I got a real hankerin' kill somebody..." - On call
  • "You know any women" - On call
  • "Forget it...I like to kill. I even like to watch killing. But when I don't get to do enough of my own killings...I don't go back. Ever."- After leaving you due to not enough kills.
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