Married to the warden of Tixa (J9) prison, which he lives right by. A bitter and resentful husband and father, he can be convinced to give you some key details about the prison.

A merc with sufficient leadership can persuade him to turn over the key to the warden's office, and direct you in how to get to it.


  • "Heck of a fire fight happening out there. How about you deal with that first?"
  • "What do you want? Oh... What am I saying here? You must be part of the group who whacked my wife, the warden. Let me shake your hand. I can't tell you how many times I thought of doing it myself. never met a meaner broad in my life. Woman kept having children and making me stay at home with them. Spent all of an hour a day with 'em, she did. Good riddance, I say. She won't be missed."
  • "Kids been drivin' me nuts. But, hey, heh, sure beats workin' for a living."
  • "Ain't got time to spare right now."
  • "Buddy, you did me the biggest favor in the world, there;s absolutely no need to threathen me. I adore you."
  • "And get my ass shot off, you gotta be kiddin'."
  • "As soon as the war is over, I think I'm gonna look into getting a pro sports franchise in Arulco. Thinking football... the Arulco Bloodcats. And free beer at every game with the purchase of a seat."
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