Brenda is resident of San Mona first encountered arguing with Hans Vanderkilt , over the "selection" of his "marriage aids". She does not intend to leave the shop until she is satisfied, which prevents the player from reaching the weapons trader in the back of the shop (Tony).

Brenda can be only be persuaded to vacate Hans' shop if she gets what she came for - lesbian pornography, in the form of a videotape.  The can be found in the northeastern-most house of the same sector, in a chest, or in the Shady Lady Brothel, on a side table in the reception room.

Alternately, she can also be killed - there are no consequences for doing so, outside of a few complaints from Hans about the blood on his floor. A further possibility is to just beat her up with your fist until she runs out of the store - she will return though the next time you visit the sector.


  • An obtusely stereotypical lesbian, she will briefly attempt to hit on any female mercenary who approaches her before quickly being turned off all the guns you're carrying.  She has a rough American accent, and pronounces Hans as if it rhymes with "fans".
  • If Brenda is convinced to leave the store, she can be found all other times in a house in the northernmost corner of the sector, which most likely serves as her home.  You can talk to her there, though the conversation won't get very far.  She'll also yell at you if you take her soda from her fridge, though she won't make any other attempts to stop you.
  • The XXX magazines that can be found in various parts of Arulco won't satisfy Brenda - she is in the store for video and video only.  

Not to be confused with Brenda Richards.



San Mona, Hans' XXX Store, Sector C5


  • "You never have nuthin' Hans! Your For Woman By Woman section is next to empty. You got the same three films... all starring Twin Peakes. She's been dead for more than five years, Hans!"
  • "What about ordering some new stuff, huh... Like Titanik, or Bad Jill Humping, or As Sore as it Gets..."
  • "You gotta be kidding! I don't like guns. They're just phallic symbols for you coward macho types."
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