An NPC and recruitable mercenary, appearing in Jagged Alliance 2.


A prisoner found in the bloody dungeon level of Tixa prison. A son to regime-sympathetic Balime aristocrats, he was turned over to Deidranna's authorities by his parents for growing illegal plants and imprisoned. Hates Deidranna as well as he hates his parents and would be willing to put a bullet in both.


Tixa dungeon (J9).


After freeing him and listening to his story, a merc with at least nominal leadership can persuade him to join up for $20/day.  Unlike Dynamo, there is no way to persuade him to work for free.

Enables you to buy gasoline if brought to Estoni and sent to talk to Jake, allowing Estoni to act as a chopper pad provided the airspace is clear. As a merc, Shank has little other use initially except as a mule or driver.

For $20 a day and high intellect, he has high potential but may be considered a waste of time to train for combat. Can increase his medical and mechanical skills very quickly if assigned to the task for long periods, which is generally easier than trying to manage him in combat.

Additional info

  • Throwing (expert)
  • v1.13 - Demolitions
  • v1.13 - Throwing



  • None



Liked by


  • None

Disliked by

  • None


As Prisoner in Tixa

  • "Breeham Druz. Everyone calls me Shank. You must be part of that group of mercenaries we've been hearing about. Ya guys are going to save our country, I know it... You've already saved me."
  • "You want to know why I'm in Tixa? Because of my parents. Turned me in for growing a couple of plants. They're rich, and they're friends with the Queen. just like everyone else who lives in Balime". I hate them! All of them! Got their wealth from the suffering of others. I'd think nothing of killing 'em. That goes double for my old man and old lady."
  • "You get me to Estoni and I could probably make some arrangements to get some fuel. Don't know if it interests you, but it's a thought."

As Recruit

  • "Okay, so Arulco has its share of idiots.  Just like any other country."
  • "I knew it couldn't stay quiet forever." - enemy spotted
  • "I don't think I ever want to see that again. Actually, I know I don't!" - passing rotted corpse
  • "Right on! Army lost another battle. None of them left alive." - victory
  • "Pace is brutal...can't catch my breath." - breath meter low
  • "I'll be a pro in no time!" - stat increase
  • "I can't believe you aren't keeping me.  Twenty measly bucks.  You can't find twenty measly bucks?" - fired

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