Not to be confused with the hirable merc from Jagged Alliance and Deadly Games, see Capt. Bob Adams.

A patient found in one of the medical wards of Cambria Hospital. He only appears if the game is playing on Sci-fi mode.

He appears to be in poor condition and is wheelchair-bound. He will mention of a large and fast entity that attacked him when he was in the mines looking for gold dust. It is unknown how he managed to escape as he says that he doesn't remember and will refuse to continue the conversation.


F8 - Cambria Hospital


  • Similarly with Gordon Jefferies in Tixa, he seems to also have been severely traumatized by his encounter with the Crepitus as evident by the stuttering in his speech.


  • " don't look like a doctor."
  • "I saw another... another one... I’m sure of it."
  • "I was just looking...looking for gold dust in the mines. And...and I saw a hole that...that went down...down below the mines. I saw attacked me"
  • "It was spitting...spitting...spitting and grabbing. It was scary... terrible. I don't know...know what happened after that."
  • "They're big... big and ugly..."
  • "I..I don't...don't... know how I... I got away."
  • "I don't feel...feel up to talking."
  • "I'm staying...staying right here." (when attempting to recruit)
  • "It to eat me." (when threatened)
  • "If ...I could...I'd kill you." (when attacked)
  • "Get that...that away from me." (when gifting items)
  • "All...right...." (when gifting money)
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