Bloodcats are enemies encountered in Jagged Alliance 2. Just like the Crepitus, bloodcats were also created as a result of a genetic experiment in Orta, however bloodcats are also encountered if the sci-fi mode hasn't been chosen at the start of the game.

Locations Edit

They attack in random woods and road sectors outside of towns usually at night. If the player encounters them, a message appears: "You have been ambushed by bloodcats!".

Bloodcat Lair Edit

Bloodcats have a lair located two sectors east of Alma, in I16. Eliminating bloodcats here completes quest given by Auntie in Alma.

The Bloodcat ArenaEdit

Sector N5 of Meduna is the Bloodcat Arena. A large pack of Bloodcats will appear alongside the elites guarding the area - however, unlike other Bloodcats that will attack anything, these cats are tame and will only attack your squad and your militia.

Strategy Edit

Bloodcats often attack in groups. Their attacks are fairly strong, but they are unarmored, so hollow point ammunition and weapons that are capable of firing burst fire are very effective. They are extremely fast, and can cross large portions of the screen in a single turn.

It is possible to encounter an enemy patrol and a Bloodcat ambush at the same time. In this case, no ambush warning will be issued and normal combat proceed (unless the enemy patrol ambushed you), but you can easily tell if there are bloodcats present if you see "Bloodcats' Turn" appear in the turn cycle. The Bloodcats in this case will attack anything that isn't them, including your squad and the enemy. Since enemies are often spawn far apart from each other, they will often fall easy prey to Bloodcats, especially if they don't have automatic weapons yet.

This can be used to the player's advantage, in order to save ammo or reducing the risk of injuries - though care must be taken as Bloodcats are wild and unpredictable, and may choose to attack an unexpected target.

Loot Edit

Bloodcats drop pelts, claws and teeth. They can be sold to Micky O'Brien, or Gabby who are the only ones in Arulco who will buy them.

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