The Bipod is one the available gun attachments in Jagged Alliance 2.

Official description

"The universal bipod fits most sniper and assault rifles, as well as light machine guns. Made from a die-cast aluminum, it has a coated matte finish. Its legs fold up when not in use for easy storage."


Without a bipod, you get a 10% to-hit bonus when firing while crouched, and a 20% bonus when firing while prone. With a bipod, you get an additional 10% bonus when firing while prone, but you have a to-hit penalty while standing or crouching.

It also provides an additional recoil boost making it very effective to use prone with Machineguns.


Jagged Alliance 2


Assault rifles

Light Machine Guns


As with all things, Jagged Alliance v1.13 introduces different types of bipods in addition to the standard bipod.

  • Foregrip - functions like a bipod for automatic weapons, the foregrip increases muzzle stability when used standing or kneeling.
  • Grippod - combines a foregrip and a bipod.  Can only be attached to certain weapons.
  • Folding/Retractable Stock - stocks that can be attached to certain assault rifles and SMGs.  The type (foldable or retractable) depends on the make of the gun.  Reduces AP required to raise the gun while slightly decreasing muzzle stability and accuracy.  


  • various chests, crate and containers - especially common in mid-game
  • Bobby Ray's

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