Billy Goonball is a character featured in Jagged Alliance 2. He is an NPC and potential adversary.

A huge, childlike clod of a bouncer who works at the Shady Lady brothel in San Mona, Billy blocks the door into the main section of the brothel, and will only step out of the way on command from Madame Layla.

He is unbendingly loyal to the madame, whom he considers a motherlike figure.

Like many residents of San Mona, Billy is armed and will immediately attack you if you do something wrong within his line of sight.



San Mona, Sector C5


  • "What ya want?"
  • "They call me Billy."
  • "Billy like to sit once in awhile, but I'm not allowed."
  • "Billy can't talk to you right now."
  • "You're gonna make me mad, and I'm not allowed to get mad unless Madame Layla tells me to."
  • "Madame Layla says, I have to stand right here and pay attention."
  • "Madame Layla is like a mom to me."
  • "You're gonna get it!"

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