Betty Fung is the owner and proprietor of Betty Fung Convenience Store and video outlet, located in Varrez, Tracona.  

Fung's store carries a broad variety of items for sale, including general use items, second-hand electronics, and video tapes.  She also has medical supplies for sale, but at the time of your encounter with her, she is cut off from the stockroom that the medical supplies are stored in due to an influx of big cats.

At the time of your arrival in Varrez, Fung's store is also host to famous hollywood movie star and former A.I.M. mercenary Tex R. Colburn. If you buy movie Wild, Wild East, Tex will join your squad.


I10: Varrez

Store Inventory


  • "Look around.  You need something, you ask for me, Betty Fung.  And no touch nothing."
  • "You very lucky.  Today big day at Betty Fung Convenience stores and video outlet.  We have very special guest.  Film legend here signing copies of latest film, "Wild, Wild East."
  • "Mr. Colburn big movie star.  It is honor to have him here, in store.  And you, too, get special chance.  If you buy Wild, Wild East for only twenty dollars, American money, mr. Colburn sign box."
  • "You look, but no touch guns.  Store policy.  Do not miss great opportunity.  Only twenty dollars, American money.  Supplies go very fast."
  • "You ready now.  It pleasure to serve you."


  • Speaks with a heavy asian accent, and operates with a vicious, no-nonsense store management policy.
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