A mercenary recruitable from A.I.M.. First appears in Jagged Alliance 2.

Official description

"Hungarian-born Unger is part of a new breed of explosive experts. He learned most of his trade the safe way--in a classroom. His studies included the theory behind incendiary devices and the technical aspects of electronics and circuitry. Although he also took locksmith and swimming courses, he didn't do well in the latter." - A.I.M. Dossier

Additional info

  • Speaks with a heavy Hungarian accent. Use of English is stilted and overly formal.
  • Dispassionate and distant, straightforward with his opinions, yet in possession of humility.
  • Religion had a strong part in his upbringing.
  • Precise and intelligent (would likely read instructions before attempting anything).




  • "Hello, Barry Unger. What can be done for you?" - on call
  • "This is uncomfortable silence." - on call for a long time
  • "Woa, I hate the sight of my own blood." - bleeding
  • "I need to stop...my lungs...are small..." - low breath meter
  • "I have seen men die this way. It nauseates me." - gory kill/rotted corpse
  • "Stand back! There is trap here, I think. Perhaps I get to work, no?" - trap detected
  • "I am having great difficulty. I am of no help." - unable to perform task
  • "Ah, there is hope for me yet!" - stat increase
  • "They are trying to kill me... But I am professional!" - near miss
  • "My bowels are clenching for no apparent reason." - anticipating danger
  • "God give me strength!" - multiple enemies spotted
  • "Forgive me for taking life" - enemy killed
  • "It is good I will have some time to play with new plastiques. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have blown things up for you." - fired
  • "I ask God...not to let me die!" - dying
  • “I dislike to take life. But this one invited it!” (- Killed enemy)
  • “I don’t think killing is always good, yet sometimes it is necessary.” (- Killed enemy)
  • “Gun is dependable. I am very satisfied with gun.” (- Success at difficult shot/kill)



Liked by


  • none

Disliked by

  • none


  • Nonswimmer
  • Barry is probably a wise choice at the initial stage of the game because of relatively low hiring cost. His wisdom compensates for laking of experience level and can boost his marksmanship points after getting through to some battles.
  • In V 1.13 he is an excellent choice. His cost is very low and he has the Engineer trait, greatly boosting the speed of repairs and skill in mechanical tasks. High-speed repairs and high wisdom make his relatively low starting mechanical skill a quickly forgotten issue.
  • It is not known whether Barry is named after the last husband of Lynne Frederick.
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