One of the five cities featured in Jagged Alliance 2. It is on the southern edge of the map, near the coast.


"The rich of Arulco live here in Balime. They are the chosen friends of Queen Deidranna. They have profited greatly from the misery of others." — Miguel Cordona

The Upper Class neighborhood of Arulco and home to the extremely wealthy. Full of manicured lawns and beautiful fountains, the town is heavily aligned in favor of Deidranna's regime, and obtaining loyalty from the town is a difficult and slow process.

There is no mine in Balime.

Balime is largely empty when you enter it, aside from those who make their living actually working there, due to them picking up and leaving en masse upon hearing of your approach, and fleeing towards Deidranna's palace in Meduna.

Home to large, extravagant manor houses, as well as a handful of shops and a museum.

Conquering Balime

L11, Balime West

There's a lot of space in Balime compared to other urban environments, so be prepared for house-to-house fighting to be longer range than usual. A scarcity of accessible flat roofs means all vantage points are strictly ground-bound as well. Several enemy soldiers will bunker themselves in the manor house on the southern end, so be cautious when moving around houses, as lethal interrupts can easily be scored on your mercs - even at night - and the doors to the building itself are trapped, preventing a swift, easy entry.

L12, Balime East

Be mindful of the main avenue here, as it makes for a good sniper corridor - both for you and your enemy. Most of the enemies will be found along the main street here, and if they aren't, they will likely soon gather there if a firefight erupts. Night ops here are particularly difficult, as the many stores, buildings and streets mean most of the sector is dotted in lights.

There isn't anybody in the museum itself aside from Eldin, so you can safely bypass it and save entering it for later. Be aware of enemies hiding in the entry hallway of the museum though.


  • Chalice of Chance - the loyalty boost from completing this quest is essential to obtaining enough loyalty in the town to start training militia.

Notable Characters

Sector L11

"I do not come here much. This is where rich people live. Live good, they do." — Dimitri Guzzo

Sector L12

"Arulco's museum is here. There are many pretty and shiny things inside. But most everyone has not enough money to see them. The Queen take them here many years ago. It is not fair." — Dimitri Guzzo


  • Dave Gerard, owner of a gas station to the west of Balime (L10).

Notable items


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