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Map of Arulco as seen in Jagged Alliance 2.

Arulco is a fictional nation where Jagged Alliance 2 takes place.

Recon Intelligence Services has a report on Arulco which is provided to the player at the start of the game, and is reproduced in parts here.


Arulco is a third world country and its climate is varied. There are nine towns in Arulco: Alma, Balime, Cambria, Chitzena, Drassen, Grumm, Meduna, Omerta, and San Mona.

Meduna is its capital as well as the largest town. It has two airports, located in Drassen and Meduna. The airspace is protected by four SAM sites. Two hospitals exist in Arulco, in Cambria and in Meduna.

Other notable facilities: Estoni, Tixa, Orta


"Country is rich in natural ores. Mining operations have been ongoing for more than eleven years.

Believed to have 6 gold and silver mines, 5 of which are in operation. Rate of ore extraction and exportation has been astronomical.

The imposed switch from self-sufficient agricultural economy to one dominated by extracting and exporting natural resources has dramatically reduced the per capita income to one twentieth of what it was 15 years ago."

-R.I.S Report, Economy


Arulco was originally a Constitutional Monarchy from its founding until the coup in 1988. The head of state is the King, who is elected for a period of 10 years. The king theoretically could be elected from the common people of Arulco. In practice, most of the candidates come from a handful of elite noble families, the most famous families are the Chivaldoris and the Cordona family. There are limits on the King's power by the elected government, but the King can veto legislation and challenge the constitutionality of current laws. The Assembly creates legislation and formulates the budget with advice from the King.

When King Enrico Chivaldori was believed executed for the crime of killing his father, the previous king, the people gave the throne to Deidranna Reitman, Enrico's Romanian-born wife. Queen Deidranna instituted an authoritarian state and suspended the Assembly and the courts. She rules directly through her control of Arulco's new army.

"Dictatorship under the guise of monarchy for the past ten years.


Most government services, including education, were terminated approximately eight years ago.

The country also cancelled all recreational and social programs, including public health and welfare."

-R.I.S Report, Government

After the Queen

After the defeat of Deidranna, Miguel Cordona became the new leader. His first act was to abolish the monarchy, changing its title to President.


This history is somewhat abridged. For the full R.I.S. account, see in-game documentation.

"Arulco's previous government has been considered a unique Democratic Monarchy. Although the country was run as a kingdom, ruled by a King and Queen, free elections were held every ten years to assert their legitimacy.


Andreas Chivaldori governed Arulco from 1948 until 1988, when he decided it was time for his only child, Enrico, to take his rightful place. It has been said that the King's ill-health, the Queen's death, and the discovery of gold and sliver in the countryside, all pushed Andreas to cede the throne to his well-educated son.

The election in 1988, however, was expected to be extremely close. Enrico Chivaldori faced an extremely popular opponent by the name of Miguel Cordona.

It has been reported, the King felt his son should take a bride. A wedding would have a strong, positive influence on the election, thus guaranteeing a Chivaldori victory. The King was confident that his son had the compassion and qualifications to ensure the wealth from the mines would be distributed fairly amongst the populace.

A discreet, yet hasty, international search was carried out for a woman of the right pedigree. Deidranna Reitman of Romanian descent was chosen.


Within a year of Enrico being elected King, his father, Andreas Chivaldori, was found dead in his bed. The autopsy results established poisoning as the cause of death. A significant amount of circumstantial evidence led to the arrest and imprisonment of Enrico Chivaldori for the murder of his father.

On the night before Enrico's trial, four armed escorts were fire-bombed while transferring Enrico to the court house. Palace officials blamed Enrico’s assassination on Miguel's rebel forces, asserting this violent act was committed to conceal their involvement in the murder of Andreas Chivaldori.

-R.I.S. Report, History

Nine years of rule under Queen Deidranna has left the country in shambles. It has suffered greatly under her iron fist, and there have been reports of unspeakable exploitation, cruelty, and genocide.

All members of the judicial system have been executed. The rule of law has become the law of death. What is considered a crime is determined at Deidranna’s whim and no matter what the crime’s severity, the usual punishment is death.

-R.I.S. Report, Intelligence

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