A gunsmith, blacksmith and mechanic who owns a repair shop in Grumm.

His shop repairs anything non-electronic efficiently and punctually. Overall a much more reliable repairer than Perko.

His shop is also full of various mechanical goods, such as Springs and Steel Tubes. Taking any of these will cause him to call you "a crazy dog" and he will refuse to repair anything else for you thereafter.

He has a deal with Alexander Fredo, across the street, to avoid electronics as long as Fredo stays away from blacksmithing.


Grumm Commercial District, sector H1.


  • "We no met before... Arnold Brunzwell, Arulco's Blacksmith and Handyman. Whatever the need, I fix it for you in no time. Well, not much time, anyway,"
  • "It's too dangerous to talk to you. You're not liked in Grumm. people will talk."
  • "Hot one outside, no? Dis weather, it make people go crazy! Hunh?"
  • "You relax, man. Let me know what I can do for you. I get it done fast, fast, fast. Anything but electronics... get it back to you in about half an hour."
  • "Maybe next time you find something you need."
  • "I fix anything for you, but I no like electronics. Me and Fredo, we have a pact. He no become a blacksmith, I no fix electronics."
  • "I get back to work now."
  • "Interesting, but I no want it."
  • "Ah, dis looks fine! No need to fix it."
  • "yeah, dis stuff? I fix it for you, man. Won't take no time."
  • "Speed and efficiency, they be my mottos."
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