"Known for using Sarin and other nerve gasses to commit her assassinations. Notorious for eliminating more than her intended target. Sources note she has a fetish for making headlines and keeps a scrapbook of her newspaper clippings." -Intercept dossier

Appears as an otherwise innocuous woman with a heavy Scottish accent.

In reality is the "Matron of Mayhem" (aka MoM), a target on Carmen Dancio's list of wanted terrorists.


Random (G8 Cambria Residential, C6 San Mona East, B2 Chitzena Residential, L11 Balime, I14 Alma Mine)



  • A wild chaosmonger. Will shoot wildly at random nearby members of your squad or fling gas grenades when engaged.
  • If found outside a house (ie in Cambria), the house she's "staying" at will have more gas grenades and ammo in a chest.
  • Her real name is unknown.


  • "Think there be other problems here ya better contend with first, before we be talking."
  • "Yer pushin' it!"
  • "I've got lots ta think about, so I'll cut ya loose."
  • "First it's gonna be you, then your buddies, then your whole damn family! They dinnae call me Mayhem fer nothin'!"
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