A resident of San Mona and brother of Maria DaSilva. He runs the Skin Tyte Leather Shop in San Mona East.

Upon introducing himself, we will make a one-time offer to sell you Kevlar Leather Jacket for $950. This can be bought immediately or can be obtained for free from Angel once you complete the quest Rescuing Angel's sister Maria, along with the Deed to his shop.

Originally from Meduna, he moved to San Mona and opened the leather shop to be closer to his sister, who is being forced to work as a prostitue in the Shady Lady brothel.

His name is pronounced "ahn-gell".


The Skin Tyte Leather Shop, San Mona East, Sector C6.



  • "Feel free to browse. Only the finest quality leathers are available in my shop. If I can be oh any help... my name is Angel."
  • "I have a very unique item for sale. It is something I believe might interest you. A kevlar-treated leather vest... Very fashionable, yet extremely practical. I could let it go for, say $950 dollars."
  • "It is best to keep your head low and go about your business in San Mona. It ca be a very dangerous town otherwise. It costs me a fortune in fees just to operate my shop in peace."
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