An electronics repairman, Fredo can be found in the commercial district of Grumm (H1).

His repair shop has a number of electronics devices lying around on the repair tables in the back, such as Night Vision Goggles and laser sights. If you attempt to take any of these however, Alex will call you a huge jerk and refuse to repair anything for you.

Has an agreement with Arnold Brunzwell to never touch the mechanical or blacksmithing trade as long as Arnold doesn't touch on electronics.

He's the only one who can reset the locking on Rocket Rifles.


  • "Heyyy. Well, come on in. Found the place, did ya? Been meaning to hang out a new sign. "Fredo's Electronics Repair." It's real nice. And uh, yeah, I'm Fredo."
  • "Been lotsa outsiders coming through lately. Some kind of festival or something in Arulco? Ah, guess I missed it."
  • "Well, I got about ten different things to do, so I'll leave you to look around."
  • "Yeah, sometimes when the atmosphere is filled with negatively charged particles, you're really at it's mercy. It's a common manifestation, but it'll pass, man."
  • "Something you need me to fix? Let's see it,man."
  • "All right. Let me get a good look at it, man."
  • "Sorry, man... I only work on electronics."
  • "Well you know where to come of you got problems."
  • "Oh yeah. This is kid stuff! I'll get it back in shape."
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