An NPC in Jagged Alliance 2.  Alex, or more commonly, Perko, is an equipment repairer who works out of Cambria, in Arulco.  

He has an brusque, insolent personality, and generally seems like he'd much rather be eating and watching TV than whatever he's doing at the moment, which includes dealing with you and your mercenaries.


G9 - Cambria

Dealing With Perko

Perko can repair your damaged equipment, for a price. However, he is quite sloppy and won't always fix your stuff on time - often when returning to pick up repaired goods at the time named, he will gruffly tell you he needs more time to do the work.

Perko does his job faster if you give him the items shortly after midnight, and also when you collect them one at a time. Keep in mind that the cost of repairing extremely beat-up or damaged equipment is usually higher than the item's sell price. It is recommended to pay only for fixing the items that you really need and intend to keep, and to sell the rest, unless you find yourself without a mechanic on your team.  

Perko also refuses to work on electronic items, citing an accident where he got shocked and sends you to Fredo for that.


  • "Mm hm. So you're the ones blowing everything all to to hell. Well, no one's blowing me, all to hell. I'm Alex Perkolopolis. Call me Perko."
  • "This whole friggin' country's completely out to lunch. I don't care who you are or what you're doing here, but if you want my two cents, shoot the bitch. She's been nothing but bad for business."
  • "I'd give just about anything for a Tom Jones CD. Queen's frigged with all my mail, so nothing's coming in. All I've got is the Harlem Boys Choir, Greatest Hits."
  • "Frig that, I just want to have a sandwich and relax.  Plus I'll get blood all over my friggin' slippers."
  • "I've got work to do."
  • "Friggin' waste of my time."
  • "What the frig! Get rid of this crap first!"


  • Perko's character profile in the game data names him as "Alish Perkopoulos."
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