In the Jagged Alliance series, alcohol has both positive and negative effects, depending on the game.


Jagged Alliance

  • Case of Beer
"A case...of beer."
Found exclusively and rarely in crates, beer may replenish your stamina when used on the head of a merc's inventory silhouette, similar to a canteen.

Jagged Alliance 2

Alcohol in Jagged Alliance 2 can be used to increase a mercenaries morale or to obtain information from some NPCs. Note that the Morale will severely drop after a short while and the mercs dexterity / marksmanship will suffer for an extended period of time. Alcohol also adds bonus to leadership checks if not overdosed.

  • Beer
"At 6.9 per cent alcohol, who the hell cares where this stuff came from? This ice beer will even put a Russian under the table."
Cost: $10/bottle
  • Wine
"This bottle of saw mill spring's finest red vino combines fermented grape juice with the flavour of wood pulp for a trully unique taste."
Cost: $20/bottle


  • Bottle of Alcohol
Cost: $30/bottle

Jagged Alliance: Back In Action

  • Beer - $2, +10 stamina, 500g
  • Beer (stale) - $0, -5 stamina, 500g
  • Kola - $8, -10 stamina, 700g
  • Rum, $90, -10 stamina, 700g
  • Tequila, $50, -10 stamina, 700g
  • Vodka, $36, -10 stamina, 700g


Mainly can be bought in bars. Various crates, chests may also contain them, and occasionally a soldier will have a bottle of beer on him. IMP mercs with high leadership often come with a bottle of beer as well. Never encountered an NPC dropping this.


  • Father Walker will ask you for a bottle of "Sacramential Wine" (any type of alcohol will do). If you give him one, he'll promptly get drunk right in front of you, and you won't be able to talk to him normally for several hours after.
  • Frank in San Mona will tell you about the prize fights if you buy something from him (he only sells alcohol)
  • (v1.13 only) The Bottle of Alcohol item can be combined with a rag cut from a tshirt to make a molotov cocktail.
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