9×19mm Parabellum, abbreviated 9mm, is a type of weapon ammo in the Jagged Alliance series.


Jagged Alliance

9mm Ammo
  • 9mm Ammo
"A fifteen-bullet clip of 9mm, federal hydra-shok, 147-grain, hollowpoint ammo."

9mm (Jagged Alliance 2)

  • 9mm Pistol Magazine
"This magazine holds 15 rounds of 9mm ball ammunition. Although small, this ammo travels at rather high velocities, making it the preferred sidearm round to many military and law enforcement personnel."
9mm AP
  • 9mm Pistol Magazine AP
"This magazine contains 15 hardened steel rounds of 9mm ammunition. Even though this round easily cuts through light body armor, it doesn't cause as much damage as jacketed and regular hollow point versions."
  • 9mm Pistol Magazine HP
"Contains 15 rounds of 9mm federal-135-grain hollow point ammo. Ammo piercing is weak, tendency to expand in tissue more than makes up for that.
  • 9mm SMG Magazine
"This sub-machine gun magazine contains 30 rounds of 9mm ammunition. As a jacketed round, it has a lesser tendency for barrel leading than its non-jacketed counterpart."
  • 9mm SMG Magazine AP
"These 30 hardened steel rounds are the best sub-machine gun armor-defeating ammunition;"
  • 9mm SMG Magazine HP
"This magazine holds 30 rounds of federal jacketed hollow ammunition. Combines wound characteristics of hollow point with standard ball penetration."
  • 9mm Magazine AP 50
"A 50 round magazine of 9mm AP ammo for the Calico model"
  • 9mm Magazine HP 50
"A 50 round magazine of 9mm HP ammo for the Calico model"



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