A type of handgun ammunition appearing in Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance 2. Comes in magazines of 7 for pistols, and 30 for SMGs.

In Jagged Alliance, this type of ammo was used exclusively for the Colt .45.


  • .45 Pistol Magazine
"This 7-round magazine contains .45 automatic colt pistol ammunition. The standard .45ACP round creates wound channels comparable to 9mm and .38 HP."
  • .45 Pistol Magazine AP
"These 7 rounds hold .45 automatic armor piercing ammunition. High velocity steel ammo defeats most light body armor. Less damage than lead-based rounds.
  • .45 Pistol Magazine HP
"A 7-round magazine of .45 ACP hollow point ammo. Round mushrooms on impact, creating huge wound channels."
  • .45 SMG Magazine
"The .45 standard round tip ball ammunition in this 30-round magazine gives wound characteristics of hollow point and the penetration of armor piercing."
  • .45 SMG Magazine AP
"A 30-round magazine holding .45 caliber armor piercing ammunition. Offers better penetration than either ball or hollow point. Less damage."
  • .45 SMG Magazine HP
"These 30 rounds of .45 hollow point ammunition expand in soft tissue on impact, causing a large amount of bleeding and nerve trauma"



  • Bobby Ray's
  • Almost ubiquitous once past the very early game.

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