A light revolver ammunition found in Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance 2 , in the early stages of the game. Generally weak, with low power.

In Jagged Alliance, this type of ammunition is found in boxes, rather than speed loaders.


  • .38 Speed Loader
"This 6-round speed loader of .38 Special ball ammunition offers average damage and penetration abilities by combining the features of both hollow point and armor piercing ammo."
  • .38 Speed Loader AP
"This speed loader contains 6 rounds of .38 caliber armor piercing ammunition. While its armor piercing abilities are due to its steel construction, it tends to create smaller wounds than lead ammo."
  • .38 Speed Loader HP
"Although these 6 rounds of .38 Special hollow point ammo tend to perform poorly against armor, it makes up for it by creating wider wound channels in unarmored opponents."



  • Locker in the ACA Building, Drassen Airport, Sector B13
  • Locked chests in a shed near the Mining Commission building, Cambria Mine, Sector H8
  • Locked chests in the secure storage room at the SAM Site in Sector D2.
  • Bobby Ray's

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