This Article deals with the ammo type .357 Magnum. For the weapon with the same name from Jagged Alliance see S&W Model 13.

Using a lengthened and strengthened version of the .38 Special case, the .357 Magnum was rapidly accepted by hunters and law enforcement. At the time of its introduction, it was claimed to easily pierce the body panels of automobiles and crack engine blocks.

In Jagged Alliance 1, in order to have a silencer attached, it needs to be modified with a chunk of steel. If not, only a sniper scope can be attached.


  • .357 speed loader
"This speed loader holds 6 rounds of .357 Magnum ammunition. As one of the most powerful handgun rounds around, it packs more of a punch than .38, .45 or 9mm ammo."
  • .357 speed loader AP
"These 6 rounds of .357 magnum hardened steel ammo punch through armor like tissue paper. Do not fragment on impact. Inferior wounding capabilities."
  • .357 speed loader HP
"This speed loader contains 6 rounds of .357 hollow point ammunition. Lacks armor piercing abilities, high damage potential."
  • .357 magazine
"This magazine holds 9 rounds of .357 Magnum standard ball ammunition. Its power leaves little question about its superiority as a combat handgun round."
  • .357 magazine AP
"While these 9 rounds of steel .357 armor piercing ammunition can penetrate walls and body armor, they only create small wound channels with minimal blood loss."
  • .357 magazine HP
"This magazine contains 9 rounds of .357 hollow point ammunition. The hollow point allows fir substantial expansion on impact. Creates large, shallow wound.



Generally found early in the game, in various crates. Tony and Bobby Ray's also sells them.

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