Appearances: Jagged Alliance, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Game. Nonplayable and an alum in Jagged Alliance 2.


"On infinite probation, "Unusually Ruthless" Reuban is best described by his nickname. He's called "Ruthless", because he wiped out his entire family with a cordless hedge trimmer, and "Unusually Ruthless" because he recharged the appliance twice before he was finished!" - Jagged Alliance

"After years of eluding capture, Reuban was finally arrested and deported to Romania. He is currently serving six concurrent life sentences for the massacre of his wife and family. Although Reuban will never be able to enjoy life as a free man, he seems to be adjusting well to his newfound surroundings. His prison duties include landscaping the grounds and some of his scrub sculptures have won the penitentiary numerous "Good Prisonkeeping" awards." - Jagged Alliance 2 Alumni gallery


In Deadly Games, Reuban, like Skitz, will leave your employ if he doesn't get enough kills. He requires more kills than Skitz to stay happy and, like Skitz, his awful stats make it really hard to keep him employed.

He will kill Ivan in the off-time if he's on your team and unlike most mercs, will not say anything if told to shoot a friend: he just likes killing anyone.


Jagged Alliance

Deadly Games

Alarm Clock

  • This item appears only once in the entire series, in Reuban's inventory in the first game. The numbers on its face supposedly disappear when an enemy is nearby, but this never happens in the game and seemingly has no other use.


Reuban is very slow, a horrible shot, useless in melee and a just all round terrible merc. his only saving grace is that he's amusing and has the cheapest salary of any A.I.M Merc. He kills Ivan and comes with next to no equipment. He is also hated by a lot of mercs, unsurprisingly. Reuban is great as a character to play around with but nearly useless in a serious game.



  • None

Is Liked by


Is Disliked by


  • "I like it very much!" - On hire. (Note: slightly giggling)
  • "You have communist pig on team. Heh. I go. I fix problem." - When hiring while Ivan is on the team
  • "I like kill people. Good prices!" - On call
  • "Reuban... Good prices!" - On call
  • "I spit at you, you pig! First you tell me...go home. Now you tell me...go back. Forget about it! I spit at you." - On attempting to rehire after being fired
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